Tips for phone battery life, At Any Smartphone

Currently, all types of phones have a battery problem. There is a problem of running out of the phone battery quickly, then either take a big power bank or search for a charging point, then today we are going to tell some such Tips for phone battery life. So that problem can be solved and the battery of the phone does not drain for a long time.

Follow these tips to improve the phone battery quickly…(Tips for phone battery life)
  • Screen brightness

You must have often seen that people keep the screen brightness in automatic mode, which keeps the battery unannounced, adjusting it according to the requirement and keeping it up to 40% for normal use, and if using live wallpaper It should also not be used so that there is no problem of running out of phone battery quickly. You must have seen that people keep the screen time out for 5 min and a small notification keeps the screen running again for 5 min, so the screen time out should not be more than 30 seconds.
  • Connectivity management

Connectivity management means that whenever we need wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth, we turn on but we forget to turn it off and the battery runs out of waste, that's why we end up working wifi, GPS and Bluetooth Should be turned off after so that the phone battery does not drain quickly.
  • Application management

Often you must have seen some application update on your phone and if any update comes in the event of low battery, then the phone can be shut down very soon, so always close the application auto-update by going to the Play Store settings Should be taxed.
  • Sound and vibration

Many times you must have noticed that your phone keeps ringing repeatedly when some notification is coming, then even if those notifications are not required, the battery runs out quickly, so the sound that is not necessary should be switched off. , And must have also seen that the phone vibrates when someone clicks while running the phone, there is also a problem of running out of the phone battery quickly, so the touchpad vibration should also be closed. Come.
  • Voice command

Friends, you must be using the voice command and whenever we use the voice command, the microphone starts working, and the automatic does not stop, so the microphone should be turned off after working so that the phone will be used by the microphone Battery could not be a problem of running out quickly.
  • Sensor management

Nowadays, all the phones are coming in, there are many sensors, such as face unlock and because of such sensors, the battery runs out quickly, so for the long life of the battery which does not require a sensor, it should be turned off.
  • Charging management

Whenever charging the phone, do it with the original charger of the phone, because the output rate of each charger is different and by doing so, the battery life ends quickly.

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