PHONE HEATING PROBLEM Fixed; vivo, mi, samsung, redmi, oppo

In today's time, the phone heating problem has increased a lot, you must have heard from the people that my phone got hot while playing PUBG, it got hot while charging the battery or it got hot in the pocket, then what is the reason for the phone In this post of heating we will talk about this...

Reasons for Phone heating problem

Friends, the phone is hot for two reasons, either because of the processor, the GPU or because of the battery, both have to do different things for the reason that the phone can be a heating problem solution.
Now if your phone where the rear camera is heating up, then it is heating up due to the processor, and if the battery where it is there is heating up then it is heating up due to the battery.
  • Phone heating problem due to battery

Due to the battery, the phone is very hot due to the fact that if you are using the wrong charger means you are using a fast charger with a normal phone, so the phone should be charged with the charger that came with the phone. If the battery is hot then the phone cover should be removed at the time of charging, as the cover does not allow proper ventilation, the brightness should be reduced and the phone should be charged as the display is also Phone heating problem can do.
  • Phone heating problem due to processor and GPU

If your phone is heating up due to the Processor or GPU, then there is no reason to take much tension because it is normal but if it is getting hotter than necessary then there are some reasons for this.
  • Software update

If there is no software update on your phone then do it because it causes a phone heating problem.
  • Applications

Some apps which keep running in the background, such as Facebook Messenger or an app with a location service (GPS), can uninstall such an app or search for something alternative or you can freeze and call while using a pubg game. The cover should be removed.

  • Internet speed

If internet speed is low, the processor can still be hot, so fast internet access should be done.
  • Extra function

Many of us have a habit of turning on the internet, Wifi, location (GPS), Bluetooth and forget if it is not necessary, the internet, Wifi, location (GPS), Bluetooth, should be turned off so that the battery gets hotter. is.
  • Multi App use

Sometimes a lot of apps keep running at the same time even if it is not necessary, this causes the Processor to work more and the phone gets warmer, the app that is needed only closes the one that is kept open.

I hope this (PHONE HEATING PROBLEM Fixed; Vivo, mi, Samsung, redmi, oppo) post will be useful for you. Please give your valuable feedback.

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