What are the benefits of VPN, what is VPN

What are the benefits of VPN, what is VPN

Friends today, in this post we will talk about what is VPN, what does Vpn work and what are the benefits of VPN and what are the disadvantages of a VPN .

What is VPN
The full form of VPN is a virtual private network. VPN is a technology that works to make our connection secure.
Friends, there are a lot of websites on the internet which are saved in different country data centers, whether the data center is from France or Germany or China, and whenever we visit these websites, we get the same portal data center Pulling that website from, means that whenever we visit a website, our router requests it, on the server where that website is stored and it's After that the answer comes from that server, then you can see that website, and in this case, your internet service provider can monitor your activities, because he knows your IP address, and he also knows which Which websites are sending requests for, and in this situation, our government can also keep an eye on us, so using VPN is considered quite safe.

What does VPN work
VPN converts the IP address of a computer or mobile to the IP address of another country, with the help of which you can easily access the content blocks in your country.

What are the benefits of VPN
Friends, you must have seen that a lot of content happens, which is restricted for any particular country or any region, so you can use VPN and watch it, for example, take a YouTube video which Just assumes that it has been made available for the USA, but if you try to see it from India, you will not be able to see it, in such a way you can see it by using VPN,
Or take a website that is available for the same country, and if you try to access it from another country, then you will not be able to access it, so you can use VPN to access it. ,
Another example if you go to China and there you will try to run Facebook, then you will not be able to run because Facebook is banned in China, then you can run Facebook using a VPN.

loss of VPN
If you are thinking that you can do any illegal work by using VPN, then it is not right, I can take away your privacy, because of the government of that country if the VPN server you are using, asks for data from that country. If, they give easily and in such a situation the chances of getting caught are increased.
Whenever we use BPN, first of all, to see the website, that request goes to that country, then to that website, then after that whatever response it gets comes to that server first and then to you. In such a way, the speed of opening of the website decreases.

I hope this (What are the benefits of VPN, what is VPN) post will be useful for you. Please give your valuable feedback.

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