What is dark web wiki, Secrets ABOUT DARK WEB

Friends, The people who use the Internet, they are mainly using Surface Web and Dark Web, the Internet is of three types: Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web…Today we are going to discuss What is dark web wiki, Secrets ABOUT DARK WEB.

Surface web

Friends, if we talk about Surface Web, then it is only 4% of the entire Internet that we use means that the website we get by searching on Google is all covered under Surface Web.

Deep web

Inside the deep web, such a website comes, which is open on Google, but it is not found by searching, that means that the owner of the website refuses to index Google, under this, many bank websites It means that the address of such website is given only to a select few people.

What is the dark web wiki

Friends, the dark web is a web whose website cannot be opened in our browser, whether it is Google Chrome, Opera or UC browser. A special browser comes to open the dark web website, named Tor, friends, you will know that if you search anything on the surface web, it is not private, but it is not so in the dark web, friends in a private way It is possible to visit the website in the dark web.
  • How the dark web works

There is Onion Routing in Tor, it has a lot of VPNs ( Virtual private network ) when a website is visited, it is routed through different VPNs to reach it. Suppose you visited a website in Tor then you will go to VPN No.1 While doing this on 1, then on 2, then on 3, it will open after going through a lot of VPNs, so that website is visited from where it is very difficult to find because your IP address keeps changing within some time.
Friends. There are lots of different websites. On inside Tor which only opens in Tor and using it, lots of illicit websites are being created, and you might have heard that using the dark web is illegal, because Visiting such a website leads to your chances of getting hacked, because such a website can be installed by installing software in your system.
  • Dark web work

डार्क वेब को मुख्य रूप से हैकर यूज़ करते है
Friends, Tor is legal to run, but there is also an illegal website, which does all the illegal work, such as drugs, meaning all the illegal works are from here, friends if any website on Google works illegally. So immediately its hosting stops, but no website can be closed in Tor because they do not buy hosting from anywhere, their hosting remains in their system, as long as they Stm is on until she website can not be closed. For now, comment on any such question or suggestion and comment below.

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Useful Talk
June 14, 2020 at 12:08 PM ×

The deep web and dark web is different than the surface web. You can’t find these webpages with the use of search engines, such as Bing and Google. Search engines can’t get access to these pages. You will need a special browser to access these websites. dark web links

Congrats bro Useful Talk you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...