What Everyone Must Know About SIM SWAP FRAUD

Friends today talk about Sim Swap Fraud..and how it can empty your bank account in a few minutes .. and what are the ways to avoid Sim Swap Fraud.
This means that your SIM is turned off and the same number is used by the hacker to take bank's OTP

How is Sim Swap Fraud?

  • The first way to swap the sim is that the hacker will call you and say that I upgrade your SIM from 2G / 3G to 4G, which will be automatic, all you have to do is to send a message and tell its OTP, in this process your The old SIM will stop and a new SIM hacker will get it, there is no need to give you a document.
  • Another way is that hackers make your fake ID proof, and they go to any retailer and close the old SIM and get a new SIM because many of us share all our personal details on social media. , Many times you get a link on the mail or WhatsApp, in which the offers are offered for free and it is said that by putting your name, address, address, 20 people, share this message, and easily hacker Its They pick up more.
  • The third way is that the hacker will port your SIM to another network provider through MNP ( Mobile Number Portability ), which means code will come on your SIM which within 7 days, the hacker can convert to another network provider. Hackers can trap you by phishing or fake applications.

How to avoid being a sim swap

  • Whenever a fake call is received, do not send an SMS or tell any OTP at the time of saying this, because even the bankers say that we never ask OTP nor share it with our officials, then how should we tell the unknown person? The
  • Never reveal your ATM card number.
  • If you ever get many messages, do not ignore them, read them carefully.
  • Also register your email ID in the bank so that when your number is closed, you will know what is going on in your account.

What to do if Sim Swap is Fraud?

Whatever number is blocked, call the toll free of all the bank accounts that are registered and ask to hold all your accounts first so that no money is transacted and block your number by going to your network provider's outlet. Let's get it 

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