What will happen if the CORONAVIRUS reaches the third stage in India?

Some such messages have started coming on social media, as the coronavirus has reached its third stage in India. Is the coronavirus really reached the third stage in India? Let's know what happens in the third stage of Coronavirus...


In the third stage of coronavirus, there is a community infection, the virus spreads in a qualitative way, now let us understand in a slightly easier language that the third stage comes when people of a large place are caught by this virus, and In this stage, peoples get sick who have not come from a country where coronavirus has spread nor have come in contact with any other patient suffering from coronavirus. In the third stage of the coronavirus not at all aware, that it is vulnerable to man when, where and how, so the virus that it is the third stage proved to be very fast-spreading and deadly and prevention in the Third Stage of coronavirus It becomes very difficult to solve.
According to the information given by the scientists, the infection of coronavirus is divided into four stages-

1. The first stage of the coronavirus

  In this stage there are those who are found infected after coming from Corona affected countries, infection in this stage is limited to only those who have come from Corona affected countries, it is the best stage to be seen from the point of view of prevention.

2. Second Stage of Corona Virus

This stage is a local infection, when infected people from the corona-affected countries come in contact with their family, friends, or nearby people, and the infection that spreads is divided into a second stage Because in this stage we know where the infection is spreading and in this stage, it is somewhat easier to prevent.

3. Third stage of corona in India

In the third stage of coronavirus, there is community infection, in which the virus spreads in a qualitative manner, in the third stage it is not even known where and how the person has been hit by a coronavirus.

4. The fourth stage of coronavirus

This is the last stage of the coronavirus, China has passed through the fourth stage of the coronavirus. Italy, Iran is still going through this phase. From this, it can be estimated, how dangerous this fourth stage of coronavirus can prove. In this stage, it is very difficult to control the infection, although India has not yet reached the third stage.

हिंदी में - What is Third Stage of CORONAVIRUS in Hindi

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