Breaking news about COVID 19 Vaccine, CORONAVIRUS

You may be getting a lot of questions about COVID 19 such as how will COVID 19 Vaccine be made, when will it be made, and why is it taking so long to become a vaccine, and why is the coronavirus so dangerous?

Why is the COVID 19 so dangerous?

Friends, the COVID 19 enters our body through the eyes, nose, and mouth and begins to freeze our langs, causing us to have problems with breathing and causing our respiratory system to fail, which can even lead to our death.

COVID 19 Vaccine

We all know that corona is a new virus and our body does not know how to fight it, whenever a new virus enters our body, our body makes an antibody of it, and to make it After that virus kills, although it is a new virus, hence its anti-virus is taking the time.
The work of making COVID 19 Vaccine has started. Let us know how the vaccine is made? First of all, the virus is cuts, which means it is made ineffective so that it cannot do its job and then it is injected inside the healthy Volunteers. Volunteers have started coming in for this, who are being paid for days, tell me that when this ineffective virus is injected into the healthy volunteer, then the body of the volunteer makes its antibodies, and when the antibodies become, the vaccine is made from the blood of the volunteer and its vaccine is made.

You also need to know that making a vaccine is not an easy task, there are four different stages of making a vaccine, testing is done first on animals then on different humans, and it is detected, If there are no side effects and what are the consequences with other diseases, the vaccine is approved after doing all the things. Let me tell you that the vaccine has been made, but much more is yet to be done to bring it to the market, to ensure that this vaccine is hundred percent right to kill the corona, friends yet any such vaccine It has not been made, which took less than one and a half years to be made. That is why this vaccine is not likely to come before January-February 2021, and if this vaccine comes in the market before then, it will be the first vaccine that has taken less than one and a half years to make.

So it makes sense to follow social distancing and prevent coronavirus from spreading.

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