What is bs6 car engine ; Is it not right to buy a bs4 Car

What is bs6 car engine

To prevent pollution Bharat stage norms were introduced in India in 2000. The Indian government had decided that the vehicles that will come in the market from the year 2000 will be required to meet certain criteria or else they will not be allowed to sell. Bharat Stage Norms started with bs1, Since 1 April 2020 bs6 is implemented after bs4. In this post (what is bs6 car engine), we will discuss all about bs6...

The biggest difference in these Norms is the number of sulfur particles that comes out with the exhaust.

sulfur (mg/kg) bs3 bs4 bs6
Petrol 150 50 10
Diesel 350 50 10

Fuel BS6 is used for bs6 vehicles which have started to be found at some petrol pumps.

Loss of BS6

The price of the B6 Vehicle will be higher as companies will have to do research and development of vehicles considering the bs6 norms.

Benefits of BS6

BS6 will reduce pollution.

Is it not right to buy a bs4 Car?

If you want to save money then you should buy BS-4 car, but keep one thing in mind that while selling BS-4 car, its resale value will be less than the resale value of Bs6 car. You can also buy a BS6 car in terms of pollution.

Why is bs6 important

Bs4 vehicles release excess amounts of nitrogen oxide which causes great harm to the environment. It is prone to infection in human lungs. To reduce this pollution, BS6 has been implemented. 
Let us tell you that an advanced mission control system is being installed inside the vehicles so that nitrogen oxide will be reduced from the smoke of the vehicles and the pollution in the atmosphere will be reduced.
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